What is it?

This project is a campaign for mitigating the risks of influenza transmission through heightened hygiene and also through encouraging higher rates of immunization.

Why is it important?

The flu affects the entire population, but it is specifically important for higher–risk groups and people in positions to administer vaccinations. Approximately 60% of the Canadian population did not receive vaccinations in the past year, which accounts for almost 12 million people. On average, 4000 people die from the flu annually and pandemics can cause up to 58,000 deaths in one year. Source: Health Canada

Communication objectives.

  1.   To communicate that the flu virus is easily transmittable through points of contact.

  2.   To communicate that we can avoid flu through better
    hygiene and immunization.

Benchmark studies

Current campaigns focus on people with higher risk of contraction/weaker immune systems, people in dense areas, and many posters have an emphasis on protecting your families through flu shots. Other campaigns also have a focus on hygiene and stopping the spread of germs through covering coughs/sneezes, washing hands, killing germs through hand sanitizers.

Posters and radio adverts have their place in creating awareness, however with a 40% immunization rate in Canada, it is clear that current strategies are insufficient. This project’s strategy takes existing knowledge and presents it on a larger scale. This all-encompassing approach immerses the public through the installations.

Through immersion, people are forced to interact with the project, knowingly or not. Posters and other ads can be observed, but also easily ignored. The strategy of this project is to prevent people from ignoring it by being a more total-experience.

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